Mighty Rose Films is the registered trade name for Romance Production One LLC, a film production company registered in the state of Washington producing independent feature films that explore romantic themes.

Inquiries can be sent to: Bill@MightyRoseFilms.com
*Producer: Bill Brown


Love Eclectic  2018, 99 mins.

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Philippe Galliano, The Movie Agency

The Story:  It all starts in a retro consignment shop owned by Sophie who dreams of starting her own fashion line and traveling around the world.  But on a disastrous Valentine’s Day she breaks up with her boyfriend and then discovers a lottery ticket she put in his valentine is worth millions.  None of her schemes to get it back work, and things spiral out of control leading to a final show-down with a crazy Russian gangster who has the ticket but doesn’t know it.

“The story behind Love Eclectic”
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Tango Noir www.tangonoirpictures.com/

2010, 29 min, crime, suspense


The Story: A crime caper about a hot Tango club, tango music, a femme fatal, and a big twist at the end. Features the Tango music of Trio Garufa (San Francisco), and Alex Krebs (Portland, OR).


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