Project Concept — Love Eclectic

“Love Eclectic”
A feature film concept.


Make a feature film on a shoe-string budget of $25,000 with some modest level of commercial success.

We will not be perfectionists in most areas of traditional filmmaking, and will reduce or eliminate entire departments — and settle for a rougher reality look.

For example: no set dressing, no make-up, no elaborate camera/lighting set-ups, and we’ll only have a few locations, a small cast, and very few extras.

But we can excel in areas that don’t require much money.

For example: in cinematography, we can have great angles and compositions (v.s. perfect lighting). And for acting, we can be well rehearsed and have a cast that is well selected for the parts.

What will make this a good film will be in the quality of the performances, and the story, and our ability to capture that completely.

*initial pitch for Love Eclectic