Opening in select theaters!

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Melanie Meijer and William Poole

Come join us!   In theaters for a 2019 Valentines event! 😃PORTLAND — The Clinton Street Theater — Sunday 2/17 — 7pm. 😍SEATTLE — The Varsity — Sunday 2/17 — 6:30pm. 😎SAN FRANCISCO — The Roxie — Friday 2/15 — 6:30pm Help make Love Eclectic a year after year Valentines hit! Stay tuned for updates. Are you […]


The story behind Love Eclectic – #1

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This series of blogs journals the steps it took to make the film Love Eclectic, a full-length feature done on an extremely low budget.   We had 97 pages of script to shoot.  How did this all get done? The film was shot by a crew of four people, in twelve and a half days, using […]


Love Eclectic has arrived!

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Homegrown indie “Love Eclectic” is here!     Now available on Amazon Prime!     Featuring a new digital poster design by Ron Mason Gassaway.  *Stay tuned for upcoming theatrical screenings on Valentines Day 2019.    Spread the word!   Love is good!